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Mature gas wells can now be optimized to produce gas at higher rates thanks to the revolutionary Thainstone Pulse Pump dewatering system.

Optimization is achieved without the constant upset to facility compressors and separator often caused by plunger lift systems. The Pulse Pump can be set with the system’s timers and controller to achieve a steady state production of gas while allowing for increased gas reserves to be recovered from a reservoir.

In addition, there is no wear on production tubing from sucker rod movement, as found in other pumpng systems, as there is no sucker rod in place.

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Due to the novel design and the principle of operation, the Thainstone Pulse Pump dewatering system requires much less energy than any beam pump, progressive cavity pump, or electrical submersible pump system.


Designed to be deployed through production tubing to any depth without killing the well.

The Pulse Pump Dual Line’s unique dual conduit concept allows the pump to be deployed directly into any well bore, without the requirement for any other completion equipment in the well.

The hydraulically operated pump is suspended in the well bore via two concentrically aligned conduits. Hydraulic pressure pulses applied alternatively to the inner and outer conduits operate the pump, drawing fluids from the well bore and producing them to surface via the annular space.

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Deployed through tubing via a single hydraulic conduit line.

The pump is deployed through hydraulic pack-off using mini-coiled tubing technology, thereby allowing the pump to be deployed or retreived without killing the well. Once set, short hydraulic pulses operate the pump to draw water from the well bore into the production tubing, discharging water at surface while producing gas up the annulus of the production tubing.

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